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Nottingham Storage FacilityNottingham Storage Facility

Putting your possessions into store is not something you you do every day.  Let Britons Removals help you decide.

Do you move your self into a garage which is cold & damp, move your self into a self store unit which is costly or do you let a removal company do the work for you and store in the correct way.

Container Storage in Nottinghamshire

Container storage has been working for people for a lot longer than self store and most importantly you are fully insured for the removal and when your items are in store with us.

At Britons Removals we have been storing for over 20 years in our purpose built containers the sizes 7’x7’x5′ volume 250 cubic feet or 7.3 cubic meters.

Container Storage in NottinghamshireBritons Removals will load your possessions directly into our containers at your home so it is only moved once.

We will go back to our depot and fork lift the container directly into our wear-house until you require them back. Most importantly when we are moving and storing your items are fully insured.

For storage need call Britons removals today we can help you decide.

To find out a price for your move click for a quote or give Britons a call  on 01332 208008.

We are here to help you move safely into your new home.

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