Removals to Switzerland

Moving To Switzerland?

Removals to Switzerland can be a bit of a problem for many removal firms.

At Britons Removals we have been handling removals to Switzerland for the  years and we know what you need in the way of paperwork or permits to make the removal less of hassle and a trouble free move .

We recommend that we do all the packing for you as all your items need listing and submitted to HM Customs before being allowed to leave the UK.

removals to switzerland from the uk

When arriving in Switzerland all the paperwork needs to be passed by the Swiss Customs before it can be delivered.

At Britons Removals we will do all this customs paperwork for you it takes time but at Britons Removals we have customs agents to clear your goods in good time so we can deliver to you in the time scale we agree for you.

Our lorries are also registered with the Swiss Transport Authorities and as most of the lorries are under three years old we offer trouble-free removals to Switzerland.

Rest assured we will make your move to Switzerland as easy as possible for you.
Give Britons Removals a call and we will take care of it all.

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