Removals to Sweden

Moving to Sweden?

At Britons Removals we have been taking care of removals to Sweden for a good few years now and know the regulations for motoring in Sweden during both summer and winter.Removals to Sweden

Our removal team will arrive at your property at a given time to prepare and pack your furniture and boxes if you have requested a packing service.

Removals to Sweden with Britons is as simple as a move to a new town in the UK.  We will do your paperwork for you and then it’s as simple as load and go.

We can also move a part load for your works apartment to a full house for the whole family.

At Britons Removals we can offer you a full or part packing & removal service or removal only service for you.Removal to Sweden

If you feel you wish to pack yourself this is no problem for us.  All you will need to do is number and label the boxes taking note of the contents on paper allowing us to submit to customs and this this makes life easy for you when unpacking.  Furniture will also need labelling and listing this can help prevent a loss if you are a part load removal.

As you can see from the pictures we only use our own lorries for our removals.  Britons Removals do not sub contract to other removal companies you book with us you move with us that our promise.

As there are not many removal companies who cover removals to Sweden on a regular basis it is advisable to book a company with the knowledge of the regulations of traveling with in Sweden.moving to sweden

Give Britons Removals a call when your family or company needs professional removals to Sweden.

To find out a price for your move click for a quote or give Britons a call  on 0800 1601880.

We are here to help you move safely into your new home.

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