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Moving to Spain & moving from Spain to the UKremoval to spain from the uk

Moving to Spain is a simple move for you by Britons Removals it is like moving to a new town down the road in the UK with a little bit of paperwork required for customs with a few more miles on the road.

We offer an international removal service to Alicante & Malaga areas in Spain every three weeks and moves from Spain back to the UK, with a very very reputable service that we have been carefully providing for nearly 40 years.

For our next lorry please see the countdown clock on our home page.  If you require a move to take place on our next lorry load please email or call us to find if we have the space for your move.  For moves in the future we can arrange times and dates for you.

A trip to Spain will normally take three days from leaving the UK to arrive to the populated British areas such as Alicante, Almaria and Malaga.

Removals are normally collected in the few days leading up to a trip to Spain allowing us to submit the paperwork to customs.  However we can collect at any time and store your belongings either in our Derby warehouse or in one in your area of Spain.

Collections in Spain can be made at any time by our colleagues in Spain or to tie in with our lorries when we are in Spain meaning the load is only move once.

We have over the years joined up with well established removal contacts in Spain, with excellent business friendships and many many satisfied customers who have allowed us to lighten their load a little by trusting us on their new journey.

Our promise to you is we will make your move as stress free as possible for you allowing you to move with confidence by knowing we will arrive on time.

With five different size trucks in our fleet from our 3.5 tonne Luton van for the small load to the 33 tonne Artic for the larger heavy load we have the space to accommodate all your removal needs.

Our removals to Spain service includes:

  • Containerised warehousing available in Derby UK, Alicante and Malaga Spain
  • Regular return loads to the UK

removal to spain

We offer door-to-door services from the whole of UK to major Spanish principalities Madrid, Alicante, Almeria, Malaga, Murcia, Valencia and other parts of Spain.

Our removal rates for removals to Spain include UK collection and delivery direct to your home or store in Spain, and Spain to the UK.

Please Note an Import IVA duty will be required by Spanish customs.  We can only find out the amount of duty payable once the paperwork is submitted.  This cost is paid by us to ensure it is paid to allow easy movement out of the port.  The duty is then payable from you to us before we leave the UK.

We can offer you a full or part packing service with your removal or just removal only service.

If you are packing yourself for your removal, you will need to number and label your boxes marking down on paper your contents in the boxes.

Furniture will also need to be labelled and listed, this will prevent any possible loss if you are a part load removal.

Returning back from Spain to the UK is a door to door service.  We can collect at an agreed time and date and will get your furniture back to the UK within an agreed time.  This is normally within five days from collection allowing time for customs paperwork to be submitted.

If you do not have a place to go into in Spain, or the UK, we can store your belongings until you have one, either in the UK or in Spain.

We cover the whole of the UK and Spain and can even deliver to another country so we at Britons Removals can take care of your move letting you get on with other important things in life.

Britons Removals do not subcontract to other removal companies.  If you book with us you move with us that’s our promise to you.

Speak to Britons for removals to Spain today.  Over 8000 people already have.  Rest assured we will make your move to Spain, or from Spain, as easy as possible for you we always do.

To find out a price for your move click Free Removal Quote or give Britons Removals & Storage a call on Freephone 0800 1601880 or (+34) 914143164.

We are here to help you move safely into your new home.

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