Household Removals

When it comes to being experts at household removals at Britons we’ve learnt that you need to know how to handle many different types of items and as usual, it’s always the details that count in the bigger picture.

In this respect, we’re highly experienced in covering all the bases in order to properly handle the full breadth of all the belongings that go into successful and satisfactory household removals.

This includes the packing, padding and wrapping of glass and chinaware by fully trained and experienced shippers of expensive, precious and easily-damaged items.

We pack important and special hanging garments into special ‘railed’ wardrobe boxes to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

All linen is packed into flat in boxes. All mattresses are sleeved in special protective wrappers to keep them dry and dust-free. All items of furniture are wrapped to protect corners and edges.

We take great care in dismantling items that need to be reassembled and make sure that things like electronic connecting wires for expensive audio-visual or computer technology equipment do not become confused, tangled or mislaid.

We know how to handle guitars, cellos and pianos.

We provide special attention for household plants and can even give advice and expertise on transporting pets, fish and any other creatures that make up the whole family.

Britons. Removing the hassle out of household removals.

To find out a price for your move click for a quote or give Britons a call  on 01332208008. We are here to help you move safely into your new home.

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