House Removals

At Britons we really know how to make house removals tick when you need to pack up all the possessions in your life. 2011 marks our 26 years of service.

We’re delicate and sensible with glass and chinaware and allow only fully trained and experienced staff to handle and pack expensive, precious and easily-damaged items.

We use special ‘railed’ wardrobe boxes for those expensive dresses and suits so they to arrive in perfect condition.

Linen goes flat in boxes. Mattresses slide into special protective wrappers to keep them dry and dust-free. Furniture is wrapped to protect corners and edges.

We’re careful and methodical when taking apart items that need to be reassembled.

We don’t lose or confuse things like wires for TV’s, home cinemas or computer technology equipment.

We know how to handle musical instruments and antiques.

We even provide special attention to your household plants and can offer help and advice about moving pets, fish or any other creatures that make up the whole family home removals project.

Britons. No wonder we’re at home with house removals.

To find out a price for your move click for a quote or give Britons a call  on 01332208008. We are here to help you move safely into your new home.

Just two of our trucks
The silver ladies

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